RELYENT Entertainment Expanding with New Projects in 2014

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RELYENT Entertainment Expanding with New Projects in 2014

Dated: June 1, 2014
Nashville, TN | Lexington, KY
Alexia Pancoast

From the day they met, the RELYENT Entertainment partners knew they were about to embark on something truly unique and incredibly fulfilling. The first meeting took place at Panera Bread in Lexington, KY, and for some reason the guys continue to find local Panera franchise locations for meetings, storyboard sessions or just to talk about the projects in development. “There’s no real reason, but it just feels familiar and comforting to be in a place where things started” said Bo Allen. When they’re not sharing a pastry and discussing new concepts, the partners are all over the country shooting for their original programs. Most recently, the team was in Nashville for a brand new pilot, and soon they will be on the west coast capturing footage for their original series to be announced this summer. “We love traveling, and working with so many great people, but there’s nothing better than coming home to be with those who support and care about us”. Admits Steve Bates.

Individually, the RELYENT team has accomplished a wide variety of things, including; music tours, recording, writing, custom photography and feature films. Collectively, the partners have found a synergy that is both rare and inspired. “We love the process of flushing out ideas and concepts, it’s like therapy for all us, but it’s especially cool to see the concepts which emerged from our “therapy sessions” explains Louis Police. The reality of what this organization set out to do, is nearly as exceptional as the people recruited to be involved try this website. “Our goal was to create content which is both unique and interesting” said Steve, and Louis continued “The concepts have to be compelling, but the characters we’ve found are incredibly entertaining and bound to resonate with viewers”. When it comes to original programming, RELYENT is driven if not solely focused on finding the most compelling stories to advance and present to the networks.

The partners will concede, this has not been an easy journey, and for those closest to them, the struggles have been personally and professionally challenging. “The best part now, is sharing our new success with friends, family and colleagues”. Said Bo.

With so many projects currently in development or production, the challenge for RELYENT might not be creating the concepts, but finding time to get them completed and aired. “We love a challenge, and there’s nothing better than defying the odds and demonstrating what we’ve known since the beginning, if we RELY on each other there’s nothing we cant do!” Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from RELYENT, including new projects for cable, casting news and a brand new idea which has already been called “groundbreaking”. There’s no telling what this team will come up with, but there’s no doubt, it’s going to be entertaining!

News Wire: Global Press Release Distribution


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