As Creative Producer, Bo promotes the creative direction and corporate character of RELYENT Entertainment Group. When it comes to advancing a project or drawing the best and brightest talent for any particular platform, no one does it better than Bo! Prior to starting RELYENT Entertainment with partners Steve Bates and Louis Police, Bo was an aspiring musician with a bright future. With a passion for meaningful lyrics and an ear for clean sounds, Allen started playing at age 13, and within a few years had a recording contract and publishing offers from the likes of Toby Keith and Major Bob Inc. Perhaps there really are some things you just can’t escape, and once Allen realized the music was permanently a part of him, he reached out to local friend and acquaintance, Steve Bates. Within a few conversations, Bo and Steve agreed it might be time to unleash their idea of reaching musicians and fans through digital media. So, they called a meeting with Bo’s new industry associate, Police, and…. As they say, the rest is history.

“…The creative gene is unlike all others, it can’t be suppressed…no matter the circumstance or environment.”

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